Sunday, July 7, 2:30-8:00 p.m., $75 adults/$45 under 12
Leaders: Sandi and Bob Duchesne

Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, nineteen miles south of Stonington, offers ideal habitat for a large colony of Atlantic puffins.  Razorbills, black guillemots, common and Arctic terns, and common eiders also nest here, and it’s the southernmost breeding colony in the world for the great cormorant.  (Leach’s storm petrels nest on Seal Island as well, but they are nocturnal foragers that huddle in underground burrows during daylight hours, so we are unlikely to spot one.) Northern gannets and common murres are occasionally seen diving for fish in the rich waters that surround the island.  Periodically, a hungry merlin or peregrine falcon will make a pass in search of a seabird meal.  Join Sandi and Bob Duchesne for an enchanting afternoon-into-evening sea cruise around Seal Island – and yes, you can expect to see lots of harbor seals and gray seals, in addition to puffins and a wide diversity of other bird species.  If we are VERY lucky, we may be able to spot the red-tailed tropicbird, a native of South Pacific waters, that has returned (inexplicably) to Seal Island for the past fourteen summers! Meet your trip leaders at the ferry terminal in Stonington at 2:30 p.m.  The boat leaves at 3 p.m., and this will give us all a leisurely time to park, pack our carry-on bags, meet and greet, use the restroom, and scan the harbor before departure.  Dress warmly, and please bring your binoculars and/or camera!  If you are interested in ride-sharing, please call Sandi at 207-827-3782 and she will try to match you with others from your local area.

Note: Space is limited, and this trip often fills quite early.  Please make your reservations directly with the Isle Au Haut Boat Company, 207-367-5193, and tell them you are with the Penobscot Valley Chapter group.  If you want more information about the trip, please call Sandi at 207-827-3782.  The boat’s primary function is daily ferry service to Isle au Haut and it has an enclosed forward cabin with large viewing windows, so poor weather is rarely a factor in determining whether or not the trip will run – and the puffins will be there, rain or shine! However, if the trip is cancelled by the Captain for weather or any other reason, you will receive a full refund.